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        Company culture

        Our main products are molybdenum disilicide heating elements and silicon carbide heating elements, which are also called MoSi2 heating elements and SiC heating elements.  So far, our products are not only selled well in China but also have been exported to the USA, Canada, Britain and other countries and regions totaling 40 or more.

        Zhengzhou Songshan Heating Elements Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of molybdenum disilicide heating elements and silicon carbide electrical heating elements and is the leading manufacturer of these two kinds of electrical heating elements in China. Both our research and development capabilities and technical level rank highly in the industry; and we also hold large amount of patents of production of MoSi2 heating elements and SiC heating elements.

        We built factories earlier in the industry of high-temperature electrical heating elements. We have a keen-witted and capable technology R&D team, own complete basic R&D conditions, and have always been playing a leading role in technological innovation in the industry. As the leading manufacturer of high-temperature electrical heating elements in China, we have been closely following the requirements of domestic and foreign customers to develop new products and constantly improving the influence of Songshan brand in domestic and foreign markets.

        Innovation is the soul for enterprise progress and the inexhaustible power for the enterprise development. Technological innovation is the activity to transform new technology and knowledge into economic advantages on the basis of being market-oriented. It runs through the whole process ranging from the generation of new ideas to technology development, new product development, production operation management and marketing. Technological innovation is the priority among priorities in terms of improving the comprehensive strength and core market competitiveness of the enterprise.

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        Customer is God, quality is life.
        customer satisfaction is the goal,
        continuous improvement is the driving force!